Gao&Blaze application needs to access several features and information on your phone (phonebook, camera…) in order to work, but it does not collect or transfer any of your personal data. The only data we may collect about you is the data we need to conduct research on the effects of the game. At the end of your game, the game will explain in detail what it is about and ask for your consent before doing anything else. If you agree to participate, you will then be asked to indicate some elements of your socio-demographic profile (age, gender, occupation…) and your feelings during your game (difficulty, interest…). These data will not be transmitted to anyone else than us and will only be used for this research.

But, if it’s free, I’m the product? No ?

Many online services are free and rely on the use of our data. But many others are free because they rely on voluntary contributions and solidarity to function. This is for example the case of the free encyclopedia Wikipédia or the online services offered by the association Framasoft or the members of the CHATONS collective. The invitation to question oneself about the backstage of digital tools and the economic models of the organizations that propose them seems to us to be to be encouraged. However, the ideas that everything that is free should be suspect or that the users of services based on the exploitation of their data would be partly co-responsible seem to us to be to be fought. In the case of Gao&Blaze, this project is financed by the Fondation MAIF, Association Prévention MAIF and  La Boussole, research and training cooperative : 3 structures devoting part of their resources to risk prevention and to the production and sharing of knowledge.

Where is the iPhone version?

The Gao&Blaze application is only available for phones running Android. Adapting it to other platforms would be a lot of work and is not planned at the moment. Until new versions are made, most of our recommendations are still relevant for all devices!

Isn’t it contradictory to not recommend Google Play but use it to diffuse the game?

Indeed, it may seem paradoxical to use a service we don’t recommend! But nowadays, Google Play is the only store that makes the Gao&Blaze application accessible to most people, and in particular to those who are less aware of the protection of their data. Obviously, to use the F-Droid first!

I use a custom ROM, will the game work?

Yes on most of them from an Android 8 version! Feel free to tell us how it goes with your own custom!

I’ve heard of an application to protect my data, but you don’t recommend it. Should I avoid it?

Rather than a long list of applications that would be difficult to read and quickly outdated, we prefer to explain where to find them and how to evaluate them. One of the important points of our approach to this subject is that it is necessary to choose digital tools that are adapted to your own situation. Depending on your own criteria, knowledge and needs, you may make a different choice than someone else. So don’t panic if you come across an application that doesn’t appear in our recommendations!

How can we help you?

The easiest way to help Gao&Blaze is to talk about it around you and invite your friends and family to discover the application. You can also participate in the research by answering our survey. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have other ideas, suggestions or to point out an error. Finally, if you are comfortable with this tool, you can also contribute to the code via our GitLab.

I found a bug!

Don’t hesitate to report it, ideally by telling us how it happened and by including a screenshot if possible. You can do it directly on GitLab or, if it’s easier for you, by sending it by mail to contact-project+moc.b1721042592altig1721042592.gnim1721042592ocni@1721042592gub-k1721042592cart-1721042592ezalb1721042592oag-e1721042592lossu1721042592ob-al1721042592 .

Can you provide training or support for my organization on gaming related topics?

Absolutely! In fact, it is one of our main activities. To find out more, go to the website. You will find there the  catalog of our training session.

Do not hesitate to contact us !