Privacy and data

Gao&Blaze is an educational game project consisting of two parts:

  • Gao&Blaze is a game for Android mobile phones. This ludic mobile application is designed for the large audience, and focuses particularly on privacy and personal data protection on Android phones.
  • This game is also an research action, it is based on an applied research on the importance of this type of device for raising awareness on privacy.
    We have made the bet of an application that respects privacy. Indeed, no data is collected without the explicit consent of the players, and we only collect the strict minimum for the study, always with an explicit and informed consent. Furthermore, the only personal data we may collect is entirely optional

Use of phone permissions

All the permissions we ask you are used for fun purposes only, and are not subject to any data collection. Indeed, they are processed locally on your phone, and we use them to simulate for educational purposes what is done by many “normal” applications.

At the first start of the game, a request is made to download the game animations on an external server. It is not intended to collect data. This request points either to this site (primary mirror) or to (secondary mirror).

Don’t take our word for it!

Anyone can write anything on his website, this is never a guarantee of the real functioning of an application or a service. The only solid guarantee is to be able to consult the source code of the program (e.g. its”recipe”, which conditions its real functioning), then to verify that the program issued from the source code corresponds to the one you are running.

We believe that trust in a program is not obtained with a smile, it is earned by being transparent. Our source code is fully available on the open source platform GitLab.

Optional data collection via the research questionnaire

At the end of the game, a questionnaire filled out with your consent allows us to collect the following non-identifiable data.


  1. Your end-of-game scores via an automated survey that you have access to, including :
  • Number of Gao Games played and permissions granted
  • Number of Blaze knowledge base entries accessed
  • Total playing time
  • Most played Gao Games
  • Language of use
  • Final game choice
  1. Anonymous questions about you and your smartphone usage in general.
  2. Anonymous questions about how you feel about the game.
  3. Your CAT Scan (you are asked for explicit consent for this information again).

This optional collection of non-personal data will be made available on an open access basis. We will automatically assign an ID per phone, so that we can make a comparison between the first and second scan and observe changes. This automatic number is not linked to any personal data (neither phone number, nor name), but they serve as a dataset for the research. No data about your phone (i.e. model, IMEI, MAC address, various fingerprints. . .) is collected. None of the data in this set is nominative, nor does it allow individual identification.

We also propose to people who optionally wish to help us with the research project to leave us their e-mail address. This data is subject to a special treatment:

  • The only free field in the questionnaire concerns the collection of the e-mail address. This data is not only optional, but independent from the rest. It is possible to answer the questionnaire without sharing your e-mail address.
  • It is a personal data only if it includes, for example, your name and surname or any other personal information.
  • It will be used only once. We will use it to send out a follow-up survey at the end of the survey to understand the impact of the game over a longer period of time.
  • We will delete it after three months at the end of the research, or earlier if you contact us at contact|@|gaoandblaze|.|Org.
  • It will not be part of the data made available in open access, and will not be passed on to any third party.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!